Specialty Powders Categories

Custom Powders

Our in-depth knowledge and formulation expertise of polymeric materials enables us to offer a wide range of ready-to-use specialized powders to suit many markets and technologies. 

For those customers that require their own materials be used, our multiple ISO-certified processing sites located throughout the US and EU offer advanced, confidential, custom size-reduction and related services.

Rotational Molding

As a leading supplier of Rotational Molding powders, with the broadest portfolio of decorative and performance compounds available in the marketplace, we can virtually meet any of your product processing and performance needs. We have a full range of natural, compounded colors, special effects, and high-performance grades such as kayak, conductive, and foam.

Custom Size Reduction and Processing Services

Our toll grinding and blending capabilities enable us to produce specifically-sized powders from the most demanding materials to meet your performance requirements.We offer our own mechanical milling (ambient and cryogenic) and jet pulverizing technologies, along with other specialized related services, to size-reduce a wide range of thermoplastic and elastomeric materials to suit various technical needs.