LyondellBasell doesn’t only supply resins to producers of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films. LyondellBasell also offers solutions for BOPP film engineering.

Starting from the wide range of polypropylene (PP) used in core layers (Moplen or Pro-fax), which offer product consistency, processability, transparency and gloss, process stability and easy stretching.

Passing through the specialty Adstif for enhanced core layer mechanical properties.

Peaking with specialty BOPP resins for skin layers marketed under the trade names Clyrell, Adsyl, Adflex, Toppyl and PB-1 for excellent sealing strength, hot tack performance, broad sealing window, breathability, printability, metallization and easy processability.

Legend: PSB: Product Stewardship Bulletin   TDS: Technical Data Sheet    SDS: Safety Data Sheet

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