Requesting NA Polymers Services

About the change

LYB is adopting a customer-centric way of working. As part of this new focus, LYB is asking that all requests to NA Polymers Account Specialists be submitted through common service Email channels instead of directly to the Specialists’ personal email boxes.   

Emails sent to the new addresses are captured in ServiceX, a LYB service request management system, which assigns ticket numbers to each unique request and routes each message directly to the Specialist.  Assignment of ServiceX ticket numbers enable faster resolution by ensuring all correspondence relating to a request is captured in a single location for Account Specialists to work. 

To learn more about this exciting shift, watch this video message from our Global Supply Chain VP, Scott Campbell, and Sales VP, Brian Griffin. They will share insights on how we are becoming a more customer-centric company. 

Vidyard Video

What does it mean for our Customers?

Look for Email correspondence from LYB regarding submission of customer requests and orders to Account Specialists through one of our Common Email channels (Identified by order type, Account Manager, shipping type, product line etc.). No more updating contacts.

No changes in how you contact Account Specialists by phone.

For new requests, please provide an identifier number in the Email subject to enable more efficient routing and auto-completion of customer details during ticket creation

  • LYB Order number [5012345678 | Order delivery status] may use prefix SO# i.e., SO# 5012345678

  • LYB Delivery/BOL number [8108765432 | Load document verification] may use prefix DL# i.e., DL# 8108765432

  • LYB Invoice number [90001234 | Topic here] may use prefix INV# i.e., INV# 90001234

  • Customer PO number [PO#1234-5Ab | Topic here]. If using your Purchase Order (PO) number, include "PO#" before the number (e.g., PO#123456).

All requests are assigned a Ticket Number as a unique identifier to be used for all correspondence regarding open requests.  Simply reply to the email thread.

When will this happen?

May 2024

  • Distribution and Wide Spec orders

    • Domestic US & Canada

    • Distributors

    • Wide Specification, Scrap and Samples

  • Orders for export to Mexico via Truck and Rail

July 2024 

  • Domestic US & Canada Polymers orders

    • PE (Polyethylene) & PP (Polypropylene) (Non-Specialty) Product Orders

  • Domestic US & Canada Specialty Orders

August 2024 

  • B2B Container orders

    • Direct Sales to customers from LYB buy-ng regions

    • Import Airfreight

    • Direct export to customers via containers

If you have any questions, please contact your Account Specialist or Account Manager.