Polypropylene, Specialty Products

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic resin made from the polymerization of propylene. LyondellBasell offers solutions for many specialty engineering applications such as pipe, medical, automotive, surge tank, building and construction, caps and closures and many others which require improved polypropylene performance.

The most typically recognized enhanced properties for specialty products are high clarity, superior impact resistance at lower temperatures, excellent seal strength and aesthetics, as well as superior haptics, flexibility, toughness and durability.

Adflex, Adstif, Adsyl, Clyrell, Hifax, Hiflex, Hostalen, Profax, and Softell are the trade names that identify LyondellBasell Specialty products.

Legend: PSB: Product Stewardship Bulletin   TDS: Technical Data Sheet    SDS: Safety Data Sheet

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