Koattro is a novel family of high-molecular-weight Plastomers with unique properties. Developed by LyondellBasell R&D Center in Ferrara, Koattro materials are obtained polymerizing Butene-1 and are based on a proprietary LyondellBasell technology. Koattro Plastomers are manufactured in the Polybutene-1 production unit at Moerdijk, the Netherlands, using both Ziegler-Natta and Metallocene catalyst technology.

The key features of Koattro include: elasticity, softness, impact resistance or toughness, sealing properties, hot tack properties, breathability, good tensile properties, low flexural modulus, tackiness, transparency, and High PP compatibility. Koattro resins are utilized in food packaging, industrial film, tubing, caps and closures, gaskets, TPV, TPE and adhesives.

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