Advancing Quality Healthcare

LyondellBasell is committed to the healthcare industry by producing and supplying a full range of dedicated polyethylene and polypropylene resins under the brand name Purell.

Purell resins offer excellent aesthetic characteristics, outstanding organoleptic properties , inertia to most chemicals and a full range of stiffness and mechanical resistance.

These resins benefit from LyondellBasell’s Purell Service Concept, offering pre-testing of material, pharmacopoeia compliance certificates, security of supply, consistency of formulation and dedicated manufacturing procedures to meet customer material requirements for pharmaceutical packaging, medical devices and diagnostic. For more information just click on the links to open and download the documents.

You can also visit or contact your LyondellBasell representative for any further information.

pdf icon Sustainability Report 2023

pdf icon Advancing quality healthcare

pdf icon Advancing Full Purell resins solution for film used for Infusion Bag

pdf icon Purell grade EA678P PP for medical device components

pdf icon Purell SP170G

pdf icon Sterilization of Polyolefins

pdf icon Unlock the circular potential of plastics