Reduce Cycle Time With Groundbreaking Rotomoulding Grade: Icorene 1490

Rotomoulding is used to manufacture large hollow products where typically LLDPE is used with a melt flow index (MFI) between 2.0 and 9.0g/10min. Traditional grades lose their mechanical properties above MFI 9.0g/10min. LyondellBasell have created the first new material which breaks this general rule having a MFI 12.0g/10min with exceptional properties.  

Icorene 1490 is a new generation hexene based medium density (LMDPE) polyethylene. This unique grade has excellent ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance) properties and can be processed at ultra low PIAT (Peak Internal Air Temperature) to outstanding parts.




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Reduce production cycle times 

Icorene 1490 can be used in many different applications. The advantage with Icorene 1490 is that you can choose to use your standard cycle time or shorten your oven and cooling time if desired. How can we do this? The answer is that Icorene 1490 can deliver parts with great toughness and superb physical properties using short or long processing time. 

The reduction in cycle time also has a direct impact on production efficiency as it leads to faster production runs. More products can be manufactured in a shorter period of time, resulting in increased throughput. The reduction in cycle time also means that moulds can be reused faster and more frequently, reducing the need for additional moulds and leading to cost savings and improved resource utilization.  

Manufacturers have reported a 15-50% reduction in oven time with Icorene 1490 compared to other materials. The benefits to energy savings and production efficiency can be very significant, especially with thick wall parts made using very long oventimes. The heating stage during moulding uses a significant amount of energy (usually gas), and shorter oven times can therefore represent a huge reduction in energy consumption and cost savings.  


Benefits and savings of greenhouse gas emissions in rotomoulding with shorter cycle times:

  • Shorter cycle times in rotomoulding can lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This is because the process uses less energy overall, which means that there is less fuel burned and fewer emissions released into the atmosphere.

  • The savings in greenhouse gas emissions can be significant. For example, one study found that a company that switched to a shorter cycle time for rotomoulding was able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 20%.

  • The benefits of shorter cycle times in rotomoulding extend beyond greenhouse gas emissions. They can also lead to increased productivity, improved quality, and lower costs.

Rotomoulding Powders for Tanks 

In general larger tanks will use lower MFI to cope with the need for very thick walls and the long heating times. Higher MFI resins will be more likely to suffer “dripping” and may also have insufficient resistance to long term stress. However, with Icorene 1490 you achieve a very high ESCR at a low PIAT which also avoid the effect of dripping.


Availability: Europe 

Color: Black & Colors 

Density: 0.936 

MFI: 12.0 

Characteristics: Very high ESCR and cold impact strength, low surface pinholes 


Industrial tanks 

Decoration items 

Technical parts  


Toys, playground 

Cleaning machines 

Flower pots, furniture