Sourcing & Contracting

SAP Ariba Sourcing & Contracting

Ariba Sourcing allows you to bid on LyondellBasell-hosted events, such as Requests for Proposal (RPP) or auction events. Once you are registered with LyondellBasell, buyers will invite you to events within Ariba to exchange information. Ariba Sourcing provides standardized event templates, which define rules and the types of information (such as pricing terms) needed. 

Follow these steps to participate in LyondellBasell sourcing events:

1. Receive Invitation

  • You will be invited to an upcoming sourcing event by a buyer

  • The decision to invite you to a specific sourcing event may be based on:

  1. Product/service alignment to the identified need

  2. Capability to deliver products/services

  3. Ability to deliver scope of work in a safe and timely manner

  4. Good financial standing​

2. Bid on Sourcing Event

  • Submit required documentation and information to LyondellBasell

  • Please provide accurate and timely information to be considered for the sourcing event

3. Award Selection

  • If you are selected based on LyondellBasell’s thorough evaluation, you will be awarded the event