Making Better Boats Possible

Summer is finally here and for some, that means boating season has officially kicked-off. As quarantine restrictions are easing in some places around the globe, families are eager to get out of the house and spend some time on the open waters. 

A boat is typically considered a luxury item, similar to a high-end vehicle. However, many don’t think about washing and waxing a boat like you would a prized performance car. If you have ever noticed a boat with color that is fading or washed out, it is because a key item is missing to hold its shine and luster. Boat builders rely on Gelcoat technology to fight against harsh elements often encountered on the water and help maintain a beautiful sheen. While acting as a protective barrier for the boat, these materials can also help in the repair process for scratches and smudges that you might receive when docking.

“Getting out of the house and away from the TV to enjoy a day on the water is a great way to unwind and to reconnect with the family,” says Willis Jerome, an Application Development and Technical Service Specialist for LyondellBasell. “Our Gelcoat capabilities can help extend a boat’s lifespan, along with proper care, giving you that quality time for years to come.”

LyondellBasell offers a broad portfolio of Gelcoat solutions that are MACT compliant (Maximum Achievable Control Technology), required by the marine industry, which helps maintain your boat’s aesthetics while enhancing longevity. These Gelcoats deliver ultraviolet (UV) stability to help fight against color fading and chalking that often results from both direct sunlight and the sun’s reflection on the water. They also reduce blistering that could occur from long-term water exposure. While protection is important, aesthetics is key. LyondellBasell offers custom color matching in its Gelcoats to create a unique and luxurious look.

From smaller fishing boats on freshwater lakes to large yachts heading down the saltwater coasts, LyondellBasell’s Gelcoat solutions are making better boats possible.


LyondellBasell offers a superior line of quality gel coat and pigment dispersions to serve different markets such as the marine industry. We offer a wide range of gel coats that enable marine architects and boat builders to create products ready for the open water. Our MACT-compliant gels also offer key performance characteristics critical to the maritime industry.