Masterbatch & Custom Performance Colors Products

Additive Concentrates


This multi-component system of specialty additives and minerals provides a cost-effective solution for synthetic film applications. Papermatch masterbatch imparts to film paper-like feel, qualities and printability, including increased stiffness and maximum deadfold properties. Papermatch masterbatch can be used in blown or cast film applications. It's available in both pigmented and natural tones, in a variety of finishes from very smooth to very coarse, and is FDA approved. Applications include banners, book covers, maps, labels, standup pouches, courier envelopes, lumber wrap and house wrap.


Our thermoplastic additives and color concentrates improve the appearance and performance of resins to meet your exact specifications. We have matched tens of thousands of colors in virtually every resin on the market. Our additive innovations and color matching expertise are backed up by the equipment and trained personnel at our Global Innovation and Collaboration Centers. We provide additives to enhance BOPP, blown or cast film, sheet and profile extrusion, blown and injection molding, and thermoforming applications. Masterbatches are available in PE, PP, PS and special engineered resins like PET and PA.

White Concentrates


It is a white masterbatch. It contains up to 80% of titanium dioxide (rutile-type) as an additive content in polyethylene. It is especially suited for the coloring of agricultural films where a high hiding power at a low let down ratio and additional dosage of UV-stabilizer (e.g. Polybatch UV 3946 DC) is required. It can also be used for injection molded articles that are used outdoors and in food packaging.

Black Concentrates


Lyondellbasell Polyblak concentrates offer the highest quality, processing and performance requirements for industries including agriculture, building & construction, packaging, automotive and consumer products.  Polyblak contains carefully selected carbon black pigments and polymer carrier systems to provide the highest dispersion quality and excellent dilution in film, fibres & non-woven, pipe & sheet extrusion, injection & blow moulding, foam and compounding applications.  We can provide solutions for black colouration, UV protection, food contact and semi-conductive as well as different tone and tinting strengths in a wide range of polymers. 

Color Concentrates and Liquid Colors

Our color concentrates and liquid colors are commercialized under the Polybatch and Beliquid brands respectively. We actively work with our customers to follow trends and to identify solutions to some of the most challenging color and additive applications in blow molding, extrusion, and injection molding. Any application from bottles, thermoformed trays, tubes, crates, artificial grass, caps, and closures allow us to explore the world of color concentrates. We gladly accept the toughest challenges to match your unique color and fulfill the unthinkable. Come to us with solid color and special effects for your custom color applications. We also produce pelleted concentrates in bead and cylindrical form.  


Epoxy repair systems for industrial, marine, utility and other demanding maintenance applications produce long-lasting repairs with outstanding impact strength, tensile strength and abrasion resistance. These liquid and paste formulations bond tenaciously to most materials for effective repair of pinholes and ruptures to complete breaks in pipe, tanks, flanges, machinery casings, etc., including equipment carrying water, low-pressure steam, gases, petroleum, alcohol and caustics.


LyondellBasell offers a full range of quality gelcoats including MACT compliant production and tooling gelcoats for marine, recreational vehicle, transportation, industrial, architecture and consumer products, sanitary ware and cultured marble

Ultra Plus-NPG/ISO

Gelcoat for polyester laminate applications is comprised of the finest quality pigments dispersed in isophthalic acid-based, neopentyl glycol (NPG) resin system. Typical applications can include Non-MACT marine, recreational vehicle, industrial, architecture and sanitary ware.

Ultra Plus-NPG

Gelcoat for polyester laminate applications is comprised of the finest quality pigments dispersed in a low viscosity vehicle containing a high level of neopentyl glycol (NPG). Typical applications can include Non-MACT marine, recreational vehicle, industrial, architecture and sanitary ware.


Supershield dramatically improves in-plant molding operations when compared to conventional gelcoats. Not merely a gelcoat reformulation with lower VOCs and higher viscosity, Supershield gelcoat cuts styrene emissions in half, improving workers safety and helping to comply with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements. Typical applications can include MACT compliant marine, recreational vehicle, industrial, architecture and transportation.

Supershield– BR Dark Colors

Supershield BR dark colors are optimized for polyester laminate applications requiring a low HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants) product that must meet Marine MACT standard and rigorous requirements of marine manufacturers.

Ultra Tooling

Ultra Tooling gelcoat is specially formulated for mold making yielding durable, high gloss molds. Available in tangerine, black, red, green and clear, LyondellBasell tooling gelcoats can be formulated to meet MACT compliant standards.

Pigment Dispersions - Unsaturated Polyester, Silicone, Epoxy

LyondellBasell Pigment Dispersions are smooth workable pastes comprised of the highest quality pigments dispersed in a carrier resin / fluid vehicle. The paste dispersions are considered compatible with most unsaturated polyester, silicone and epoxy resin formulations. Typical applications include gelcoat polyester and epoxy laminates, SMC/BMC/TMC, RTM, Pultrusion, Sealant, Caulk, silicone molding and electrical components.