CD Provides Comprehensive Overview of MPDiol Glycol for Personal Care Formulations

May 15, 2002

HOUSTON, MAY 15 - A compact disc detailing the benefits and uses for MPDiol® glycol in personal care formulations is now available from Lyondell Chemical Company (NYSE: LYO). The CD is designed to give formulators the information they need to develop products based on MPDiol glycol or to use it as a replacement for 1-3 butylene glycol or propylene glycol.

A unique-branched diol, MPDiol glycol brings a wide range of benefits to personal care, cosmetic and household fragrance formulations. The glycol provides excellent humectancy, emolliency and fragrance enhancement, as well as broad solvency and good antimicrobial properties.

Twenty-four technical data sheets grouped by product formulation are included on the CD, as are 12 additional technical and application data sheets that provide comparative testing data on such attributes as feel, fragrance enhancement and fixative effect, solvency and antimicrobial properties and clinical dermal studies. Benefits, typical analysis, quality, safety, storage and handling information for MPDiol glycol also are included.

Copies of the CD, "MPDiol Glycol for the Personal Care Market," can be requested
by calling 1-888-777-0232 or e-mailing

The Lyondell enterprise supplies an array of products to the personal care market including MPDiol glycol and other glycols, P-series glycol ethers, solvents, ethanol, ethanolamines and polymer powders used to improve formulation texture and stability.

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