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Koattro new family of plastomers enhances performance of polypropylene used in elastic applications

October 28, 2008

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, October 28, 2008 -- LyondellBasell Industries has launched a new range of butene-1 based polymers, marketed under the trade name Koattro. The new resin can be considered by customers for the manufacture of elastic applications such as film, fiber, tapes, closure lines and aesthetic injection molding.

Koattro resins feature outstanding compatibility to polypropylene that enable improvements in flexibility, transparency, impact resistance, tensile properties and stress- whitening behavior.

Improved combination of softness and elasticity

Test results showed that Koattro plastomers deliver a unique combination of softness (Shore A 70) and elasticity with a compression set of 45 per cent that is constant almost up to the high melting temperature of 114°C. “We can achieve a higher level of performance with these properties compared to other plastomers, due to the low crystalline phase homogenously dispersed in the butene-1 based polymer,” explained Remi Perrin, Global Marketing Manager for LyondellBasell’s plastomer products. “The same level has been achieved in the past only by cross-linking different polymers. Now we have produced a plastomer that delivers the same properties by offering significant advantages in terms of environmental performance.”

He continued: “Koattro resins are much easier to regrind and to recycle than traditional cross-linked materials. Furthermore, their elasticity is obtained without cross-linking and the improved flexibility is achieved without the use of plasticizers. In addition, these improvements do not negatively impact processing properties.”

Koattro resins can address the needs of customers who want to improve elasticity in stretch films or who are looking for a PVC replacement in closure lines. The resins can also be considered for use in automotive applications in which the reduced stress whitening of finished parts can ease installation. In addition, the higher heat resistance offers benefits for the manufacturing of dashboards, wire and cable and heat-resistant thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) skins. Since the new plastomer is highly soluble in oil, it can also be considered for use in applications such as grease additives, bitumen and cosmetics.

“LyondellBasell is the global leader in the production of butene-1 based polymers, and Koattro plastomers represent the latest innovation in our Advanced Polyolefins portfolio,” said Paul Yeates, President of LyondellBasell’s Advanced Polyolefins business. “We will continue to grow and to expand our butene-1 based polymer technology, which delivers truly remarkable and unique product properties.”

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