Lyondell Commercializes Zero-VOC Liquid Acrylic Polyol; Announces Plans for New Resin System

November 05, 2001

FOR RELEASE: Immediate (November 5, 2001)
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ATLANTA, November 5, 2001-Lyondell Chemical (NYSE:LYO) today announced the commercialization of ACRYFLOW™ P120, a zero-VOC, liquid acrylic polyol that the company introduced on a developmental basis at the 2000 International Coatings Exposition. At the same time, the company announced plans to introduce additional acrylic polyols under the ACRYFLOW tradename. Designed to work as a system, the planned line provides numerous advantages to formulators, including reduced inventory requirements, greater formulating latitude and reduced time to market for their new coating products.

ACRYFLOW P120's ability to reduce VOCs while improving flow and leveling-and thereby appearance-has led to widespread interest in market segments requiring Class A finishes. Formulators of transportation, maintenance, and automotive refinish coatings have shown particular interest in the liquid polyol, according to Dan Pourreau, business development manager. "With new California Air Resources Board AIM rules on the horizon, many US formulators have found P120 a useful tool for lowering VOCs in their high performance maintenance coatings," he said. "It's being used primarily as a modifier in these systems, although in some formulations P120 is used as the principal polyol component." Pourreau also noted that wood and UV-curable coatings are another area of great potential for P120, particularly in Europe.

Two new ACRYFLOW resins are expected to be available early in the first half of 2002. Designated M100 and A140, the resins-in conjunction with P120-form the basis of a planned system that can be used to generate a virtually infinite number of coating formulations to meet any current or future market requirement. Pourreau said that the system is being designed to help formulators inventory fewer resins while providing greater formulation flexibility. Because Lyondell will produce a limited number of ACRYFLOW resins, the company will be able to leverage higher production volumes to better control both costs and product quality.

A multi-purpose, low VOC acrylic polyol for high solids, high performance coatings, M100 will be supplied as an 80 percent solids solution. With the help of exempt solvents, it can be used to formulate <2.1 lbs. VOC/gal. coatings in compliance with new AIM regulations. An excellent base resin for maintenance, transportation and general industrial coatings, M100 offers both fast dry times and extended pot life. It also offers a superior balance of hardness and flexibility, improved solvent and chemical resistance, along with low yellowing potential and low isocyanate demand.

A140 is a hard acrylic polyol for high performance, high solids and powder coatings. It will be available both as a solid and in solution. A140 requires much less solvent than comparable solid polyols. At 70% solids in MAK, an A140 solution is more than 10 times less viscous than a commercial resin of comparable properties. It provides superior hardness, fast dry time, and chemical resistance without a significant increase in VOCs. High performance, fast drying coatings sprayable at 2.8 lbs. VOC/gal. are easily achievable. A140 offers high Tg (>50°C) with low VOCs, all-primary OH functionality, improved dry times in 2K urethanes, and low melt viscosity for powder coatings. It also can lower the cure temperature of baking enamels.

Both P120 and A140 can be used to modify M100 or each other. Use of P120 as a modifier produces coatings systems with low VOCs, extended pot life, improved flow and leveling and improved flexibility. A140 contributes fast drying, enhanced hardness, and high mar and chemical resistance. Future ACRYFLOW resins will provide additional formulation latitude, such as lower isocyanate demand, improved flexibility, and epoxy functionality.

Due to their unique compositions and patented manufacturing process, ACRYFLOW polyols do not lose functionality at low molecular weight, have high terminal hydroxyl content, and even distribution of functionality throughout the polymer. This means superior crosslinking ability and coatings with improved flexibility, hardness, chemical resistance and durability.

Lyondell is a leading worldwide manufacturer and marketer of propylene oxide and derivatives and other intermediate chemicals. Its products are used in a wide range of consumer goods including home furnishings, athletic equipment, personal care products, paints and coatings, automotive components, antifreeze and reformulated gasoline as well as in industrial, construction and mining applications.

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