November 05, 2001

FOR RELEASE: Immediate (November 5, 2001)
     CONTACTS: Jean Raum, Lyondell (610) 359-5643 or
  Eric Stebel, Lyondell (713) 309-3987 or
  Lisa Wetherby (302) 652-3211

ATLANTA, NOVEMBER 5, 2001-Lyondell (NYSE:LYO) will showcase its complete line of performance chemicals for paint and coatings at the 2001 International Coatings Expo (ICE). Information on the company's diverse offering of compliant solvents and novel resins will be on display in Booth #331.

Highlighted will be new resins that offer lower VOCs, improved weatherability, and corrosion resistance for 2k urethane, baking enamels, moisture-cure, UV-curable and powder coatings. These resins include newly commercialized ACRYFLOW™ P120, a high-performance, zero-VOC acrylic polyol for the transportation, general metal and industrial maintenance markets. The company will announce plans to introduce additional acrylic polyols under the ACRYFLOW tradename.

Information about MPDiol® glycol and allyl propoxylates, which have excellent utility as polyester intermediates, will be featured. Data on SAA resinous polyols, modifiers for melamine and 2k urethane systems that impart faster drying times and good gloss and adhesion, also will be available.

Also on display will be the information on the company's complete line of propylene and ethylene glycol ethers and acetates as well as n-methyl pyrrolidone. An update on TBAc (tertiary-butyl acetate) a non-HAP replacement for toluene, xylene, MEK and other HAP solvents will be available. EPA has proposed excluding TBAc from its definition of a VOC, which would exempt it from VOC regulations. Upon publication by EPA of a final rule, TBAc would become the first practical exempt solvent for a number of end-uses including industrial maintenance, metal and automotive refinish coatings.

Lyondell is a leading worldwide manufacturer and marketer of propylene oxide and derivatives and other intermediate chemicals. Its products are used in a wide range of consumer products including paints and coatings, automotive components, antifreeze and reformulated gasoline.

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