LyondellBasell and AISN collaborate to Create Innovative Lightweight Plastic Hood

April 24, 2024

Shanghai, April 24 - LyondellBasell (LYB) announces a collaboration with Hunan Huda Aisheng Group (AISN), a leading automotive supplier in China. This relationship aims to create the first lightweight plastic engine hood applications for the NEV cars of premium domestic automotive brands, progressing the automotive industry towards integrated and lightweight designs. At the ChinaPlas 2024 International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition, the two companies held a grand launch ceremony for this new product. 

"LyondellBasell is looking forward to working with AISN to drive a common mission of rapidly developing China's New Energy Vehicle market through differentiated solutions,” said Rolf van Beeck, vice president of Advanced Polymer Solutions at LyondellBasell Asia Pacific and AfMEI, “In the future, we plan on further combining AISN’s expertise in automotive technology with the LyondellBasell compound solutions, expanding the relationship to cover more body panel areas, and providing more automotive OEMs with innovation and development of automotive materials." 

With the advancement of low carbon green policies worldwide, the domestic automotive industry is achieving energy saving and carbon reduction through various means. The development and application of lightweight automotive components has become one of the prominent ways to address this. As part of this collaboration, LyondellBasell is making full use of its revolutionary Hifax low linear coefficient expansion to provide an alternative solution to traditional metal engine hoods delivering:  

  • high rigidity to ensure structural integrity, and be less prone to deformation due to temperature, humidity, etc., thereby meeting stringent dimensional requirements;  

  • achieve an aesthetic effect that is difficult to replicate with metal, allowing designers to explore more aesthetic possibilities while maintaining superior performance;  

  • significantly reduce the total weight of the body panels through the use of plastic instead of steel. 

"Over the years, AISN has been deeply committed to the automotive industry, providing services from design to manufacturing, and has developed a series of products such as composite door covers, dashboard beams, front-end modules, material battery packs, etc.” said Xiong Liming, general manager of Hunan Huda Aisheng Automotive Components & Equipment Manufacturing. “In the future, we are expected to join forces with LyondellBasell to provide a relevant series of products, starting with identifying the suitable material for the development and manufacturing process. We jointly anticipate the innovation and development of automotive parts, and promoting energy conservation and environmental protection in the automotive industry." 

As a global leader in polypropylene compounding, LyondellBasell has been focusing on the development of exterior body panels over the years and has successfully developed the Hifax and Sequel series products, accumulating a wealth of experience in material development and application. The company's extensive global production and operation footprint, as well as its expertise in regulations, risk management, and safety for sustainable products in the global automotive market, further supports the company’s commitment to contributing to the development of the automotive industry. 

The Hifax Low Linear Expansion Coefficient solution, and this plastic engine hood, will be showcased at the ChinaPlas 2024 International Plastics & Rubber Exhibition at the Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Centre from 23rd to 26th April (Hall 6.2, Booth C22). All industry colleagues are cordially invited to come and experience and observe! 


About LyondellBasell   

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About Hunan Huda Aisheng Group 

Hunan Huda Aisheng Group is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of automotive vehicle and component technologies. With its headquarters in Changsha, Hunan Province as its R&D and production base, Aisheng in Guangxi Province as its manufacturing base, and Aisheng in Liuyang Province as its testing base, the company integrates the technological innovation, testing, and industrialization of intelligent wire-controlled chassis. The company is mainly engaged in engineering and technology research, experimental development; technical services, technology development, technology consulting, etc., serving in high-tech fields such as new energy vehicles, construction machinery, aerospace, and more. 

 LyondellBasell and AISN collaborate to Create Innovative Lightweight Plastic Hood