LyondellBasell Raises Purity Benchmark of PG USP/EP to 99.9%

July 15, 2013

HOUSTON, July 15, 2013 – LyondellBasell today announced the development of propylene glycol USP/EP with a specified purity of 99.9 percent. LyondellBasell is the only U.S. producer to specify this minimum level of purity, surpassing the previous purity benchmark of 99.8 percent.

“This sets a new benchmark for the industry,” said Jim Bartley, Americas propylene glycol marketing manager for LyondellBasell. “This higher purity means manufacturers can enhance the quality of their end use products.”

Propylene glycol USP/EP is used in health-sensitive applications such as pharmaceuticals, food, animal feed and cosmetics. It is used to:

  • Carry flavors in food and drinks
  • Produce cosmetics including face creams, body lotions and lipsticks
  • Stabilize foams in cosmetic and healthcare products
  • Retain moisture and taste in  pet and livestock feed
  • Act as a carrier of active ingredients in vaccines, cough relief syrups or gel capsules

Propylene glycol USP/EP is chemically neutral and does not react with other substances. As a result, it can:

  • Serve as a solvent
  • Connect and stabilize insoluble fluids (emulsifier)
  • Help bind and transport other substances (excipient)
  • Hold and dissolve active ingredients equally
  • Attract and hold water or moisture (hygroscopic)
  • Reduce the freezing point
  • Increase the boiling point
  • Offer outstanding stability with high flash and boiling points

LyondellBasell produces propylene glycol USP/EP in Pasadena, Texas for customers in North America, South America and Asia.

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SOURCE: LyondellBasell Industries

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