LyondellBasell Unveils Luflexen hyPE56PFA: A Game-Changer in Transparency for High-Density Packaging Films

October 04, 2023

Rotterdam, 04 October 2023 — LyondellBasell, a global leader in the chemical industry, is proud to announce the launch of Luflexen hyPE56PFA, an innovative advancement in high-density polymers designed for advanced packaging film and technical film applications.

Luflexen hyPE56PFA has been crafted to exceed the demanding standards of the packaging industry, such as bags, food packaging, pet food and various technical applications. Its unique attributes make it the ultimate choice for customers in pursuit of uncompromising density, rigidity, minimal flow, and seamless extrusion characteristics.

“This innovative product showcases the LyondellBasell commitment to providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions," said Gianni Perdomi, ADTS Engineer, at LyondellBasell. " This is the new go-to grade for those aiming to craft remarkably transparent high-density films across the entire spectrum of packaging applications. On top of that it supports circularity, as it enables mono-material packaging design.”

The key features and benefits of films manufactured with Luflexen hyPE56PFA speak for themselves:

  • Unmatched Transparency: A distinctive feature of Luflexen hyPE56PFA is its exceptional ability to generate films with superior transparency, setting it apart from conventional high-density films. This transparency opens up new possibilities for creating visually appealing packaging solutions.

  • Versatile Thickness Range: Luflexen hyPE56PFA allows for the production of films ranging from 10 to over 100 microns, catering to a wide spectrum of applications from very thin to exceptionally thick films.

  • Food Contact Approval: the new grade meets stringent food contact regulations for use in food packaging applications.

  • Blown Film Extrusion Compatibility: Designed with blown film extrusion technology in mind, Luflexen hyPE56PFA offers ease of processing, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers looking to enhance their production processes.

  • MDO compatibility: Luflexen hyPE56PFA grade is compatible with machine direction orientation (MDO), which is necessary for the creation of Mono-PE packaging.

  • Compatible with Design for Recyclability: While Luflexen hyPE56PFA is made from fossil-based material, it allows for the creation of mono-material films, which can be fully recycled, aligning with LyondellBasell's commitment to circular product solutions.

LyondellBasell Luflexen hyPE56PFA announces a new era of transparency in high-density packaging films, providing a winning edge for brands looking to impress consumers with packaging aesthetics.

LyondellBasell Unveils Luflexen hyPE56PFA:  A Game-Changer in Transparency for High-Density Packaging Films


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