New family of PB-1 resins enhances performance in surface heating and cooling pipe systems

May 08, 2008

Hong Kong, May 8, 2008 -- LyondellBasell Industries, a leading global supplier of innovative polyolefins to the pipe market, has developed a new range of developmental polybutene-1 (PB-1) resins, marketed under the tradename Akoafloor that can be used by customers in surface heating and cooling pipe systems that outperform traditional materials. The resins are initially being targeted at the Chinese market.

Akoafloor resins are PB-1 copolymers that can address the demanding requirements of surface heating and cooling systems used in household and commercial buildings.  “We have been working on this new generation of pipe resins in close collaboration with customers in Asia and Europe,” said Remi Perrin, Global PB-1 Marketing, Innovation & Product Manager for LyondellBasell.  “Several approval tests are underway for pipes produced using Akoafloor resins, and in parallel, we are working on the development of new industry standards.”

Test results show that pipes made of Akoafloor resins offer excellent flexibility and properties for surface heating and cooling applications in modern architecture. “With an attractive performance/cost ratio, good temperature and pressure resistance and an outstanding flexural modulus down to 350MPa, Akoafloor resins can deliver distinct advantages to architects, pipe system manufacturers and installers,” added Perrin.

The resins can be processed on high speed extrusion lines – up to 50% faster than incumbent materials - offering improved surface finish and faster crystallization speed.

At the Akoafloor PB-1 customer event in Hainan, China, Peter Larrass, LyondellBasell’s Vice President of PB-1, said, “LyondellBasell´s history as a technology and product innovation leader for pipe applications spans more than half a century. Unique proprietary polyolefin processing technologies have enabled us to expand our pipe portfolio to include applications such as hot and cold drinking water transport, surface heating and cooling, sewage and gas supply.”

Pipes made of PB-1 can be used in all domestic plumbing, heating and cooling applications, offering fast and easy installation.  According to Larrass, sustainable low energy systems are now a global trend and will increase consumption of pipe for use in building installations.

In China and Asia Pacific, PB-1 based pipes that have been designed, specified and manufactured by LyondellBasell’s customers have demonstrated proven consistency and reliability since market introduction. “We believe Akoafloor resins will make a significant contribution to the sustainable development of building infrastructure and energy management in China as well as the rest of the world,” he added.

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