New Lupolen resin optimizes performance in extrusion process

November 11, 2014

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, November 11, 2014 – LyondellBasell (NYE: LYB) today announced the introduction of Lupolen 5461 B Q 471 B, a grade with higher melt flow rate (MFR) that improves processing in screw extrusion. This resin is the newest addition to LyondellBasell’s state-of-the-art grades for cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X) pipe.

This basic polymer offers lower viscosity, which meets the growing demand for improved performance in the peroxide cross-linking technology (PE-Xa) market, allowing the production of pipes with higher line speed. Lupolen 5461 B Q 471 B also addresses key industry requirements for increased abrasion resistance, higher creep strength at elevated temperatures, greater impact strength at low temperatures and virtually no stress crack formation.

Lupolen high density polyethylene (HDPE) has been the material of choice for producers of PE-X pipe for decades,” said Detlef Schramm, polyethylene pipe marketing manager for LyondellBasell. “With Lupolen 5461 B Q 471 B our family of grades for PE-X pipe offers optimized performance in PE-Xa technology, making it relevant to a wide array of applications, including heating and plumbing, geothermal and district heating systems.”

The material is supplied in the form of a coarse natural colored powder and during the extrusion process, the peroxide and stabilizers have to be added to the basic polymer by the processor. The pipe will then be cross-linked online via infrared radiation or by a salt bath, such as an eutectic mixture of LiNO3/KNO3.

LyondellBasell offers customers high quality PE-X grades on a global scale through plants located in Germany (Wesseling and Frankfurt) and the U.S. (Clinton, Iowa).


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