Starflex Metallocene Polyethylene Resins Expand Portfolio for Blown and Cast Film Applications

September 18, 2009


WILMINGTON, September 18, 2009 – LyondellBasell today announced the North American commercial launch of a new line of metallocene linear low density polyethylene (mLLDPE) resins which came on line earlier this year. Starflex, the latest in this family of flexible film solutions, delivers an outstanding combination of performance characteristics and economic benefits. Metallocene resins are well recognized for their excellent dart impact and puncture resistance, superior organoleptics, brilliant clarity and outstanding hot tack and heat seal benefits. It is these characteristics that make Starflex resins ideally suited for high-performance film applications such as food and medical packaging, shrink wrap and heavy duty shipping sacks, among others.

"By further expanding our portfolio of metallocene polyethylene resins, LyondellBasell is demonstrating its commitment to provide products that drive superior performance while delivering value to our customers," said Jim Clark, LyondellBasell’s business manager for polyethylene flexible applications in the Americas.

Lighter weight products

"Our customers can take advantage of the improved physical properties in Starflex resins over conventional LLDPE resins to downgauge their flexible packages, resulting in material savings and improved sustainability", explained Steve Imfeld, LyondellBasell’s new business development manager for polyethylene flexible applications in the Americas. The lighter weight end products, lower inventory requirements and decrease in wasted resources all present potential cost savings.

High performance films

The new resins offer customers the flexibility to produce some of the highest quality films with good taste and odor properties and consistent package seals. In addition, the improved optics of metallocene resins allow converters to design films that provide better transparency without sacrificing properties such as film toughness and strength.

Variety of applications

Starflex resins expand the company’s broad range of materials sold to converters for use in a variety of flexible film applications. The multiple grades of this resin allow manufacturers to tailor their final product to meet specific customer and market needs.

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