Petrothene NA480145



Petrothene NA480145 is a LDPE/EVA copolymer resin selected by customers for specialty films. NA480145 produces film with excellent puncture resistance, impact strength, heat sealability, clarity and low temperature flexibility. Typical applications include frozen food packaging, bundling, heavy-duty, and stretch hooder films.


North America


SDS - Safety Data Sheet
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Product Data and Technical Information

Typical Properties

Melt Flow Rate (190 °C/2.16 kg) 0.25 g/10 min
Base Resin Density (23 °C) 0.923 g/cm³
Product Density (23 °C) 0.926 g/cm³
Vinyl Acetate Content 4.5 %
Dart Drop Impact Strength, F50 320 g
Tensile Strength at Break MD 3200 psi
Tensile Strength at Break TD 3000 psi
Tensile Elongation at Break MD 370 %
Tensile Elongation at Break TD 550 %
1% Secant Modulus MD 19000 psi
1% Secant Modulus TD 23000 psi
Elmendorf Tear Strength MD 150 g
Elmendorf Tear Strength TD 250 g
Slip 1000 ppm
Antiblock 6000 ppm

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet


Blown Film


Ethylene Vinyl Acetate


Agriculture Film, Bags & Pouches, Film Wrap, Food Packaging Film, Heavy Duty Packaging, Liner Film, Sealants, Shrink Film, Stretch Hood