Masterbatch & Custom Performance Colors Categories

Additive Concentrates

Our additive concentrates improve the appearance and performance of resins to meet your exact specifications. Our additives enhance BOPP, blown or cast film, sheet and profile extrusion, blow and injection molding and thermoforming applications.

White Concentrates

LyondellBasell offers a wide range of white masterbatches with a concentration of up to 80% titanium dioxide based on PE, PP, PS, PA, ABS and polyester.

These masterbatches cover applications such as labels, lamination and protective films, coating, agriculture, thin wall packaging, fibers and non-woven, BOPP, bottles and injection molded articles.

LyondellBasell has the right solution combining the requirements for excellent quality and performance for the specific needs of your application. 

Black Concentrates

Our carbon black concentrates consist of a wide variety of pigment systems and offer superior processability and performance characteristics. Our technology allows for tinting strengths of blue, jet, black and brown and can be used for a wide variety of polymers. We provide solutions for the most demanding performance requirements, including UV, FDA, conductive and dispersion.

Color Concentrates

LyondellBasell’s color concentrates are used in a wide range of everyday consumer and commercial items serving a variety of markets, including flexible and rigid packaging, agriculture, automotive and construction. We offer expert support for custom color matching and will provide cutting edge solutions to your most challenging color and additive applications.