Custom Size Reduction and Processing Services

With our ISO 9001 registered facilities strategically located across the world, LyondellBasell is advancing what’s possible in custom powder processing.  With a variety of toll processing services like size reduction, blending, and classification coupled with our technical expertise in powder development, modification and characterization, we have the technologies to develop solutions for your most demanding applications.  Working across a broad range of materials supported with our trial to full-scale production capabilities, we help bring your concepts to creation.

Ambient Attrition Milling

A form of Mechanical Milling, “Ambient” is the term we use when grinding materials on systems that use the air to cool and convey the material during grinding.  Our ambient milling systems can take a variety of materials in pellet, chip, crumb, or powder form and grind, while accurately classifying them into powders ranging in size from 4,000 to 45 microns, depending on the material.

Cryogenic Grinding

We employ our cryogenic methods whenever materials are too heat-sensitive to be processed at ambient temperatures.  The system accurately controls the temperature of the material, which ensures efficient use of liquid nitrogen and minimized moisture pick-up.  Common materials are polypropylenes, nylons, low melt polyesters, elastomers and polyurethanes among others.

Jet Pulverizing

This is a jet milling process that uses high-pressure air to micronize friable, heat-sensitive materials into ultra-fine powders. Depending on the material and application, powder size could range from 75 microns to below 10 microns.  Our jet milling systems use advanced control technology to ensure accurate and consistent sizing of the powders to meet your requirements.


Granulation is a specialized process to reduce the size of large feedstocks, such as bales, slabs and extruder purging into chips or granules.  These granules can then be used as-is or sized-reduced further into powders.

Micro pellets

Micro pellets are pellets with a size of 400 mµ, made by using a modern underwater pelletizing technique​​. The use of micro pellets in combination with powder gives enhanced properties for intricate applications.


With a wide variety of types and sizes of blenders and mixers, LyondellBasell can blend components or homogenize dry solids in pellet, granular and powder forms.  From small 100 lb. batches to larger 12,000 lb. batches, we have the blenders and mixers available for any custom processing needs.

Size Classification

Size classification is the process that removes a targeted portion of a powder’s particle size to optimize how the powder performs in the application.  LyondellBasell uses the screening process, a method used for coarser cuts.

Product Development/Analytical Services

Our technical expertise in powder development, modification and characterization, coupled with our diverse size reduction services and production scale-up capabilities can help you achieve custom sizing needed for your most demanding applications.  

Packaging Capabilities

We offer a variety of packaging options based on your material needs. This includes drum bags, totes, intermediate bulk containers (IBC) and Gaylords, as well as bulk trucks and railcars.


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