Underhood and Structural

Achieving low vibration requirements while retaining good dimensional and aging stability (even at high temperatures) in under-the-hood parts is essential. Automotive customers also demand components that are insensitive to fuels and lubricants and for applications which are located in the airflow to the passenger compartment with very low C-emissions, odor and fogging values.

Hostacom advanced polyolefins from LyondellBasell are used by customers in under-the-hood applications due to their proven performance in these areas. Our resins also offer good processability, enabling more complex finished part designs. Typical customer applications include housings for air filter and headlights, ventilator wheels, reservoirs and housings for heater and air conditioner. Our new Hostacom glass reinforced materials, available in a wide range of stiffness levels, are used in structural components such as front ends, battery supports, waterbox beams and door modules.

Legend: PSB: Product Stewardship Bulletin   TDS: Technical Data Sheet    SDS: Safety Data Sheet

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