40 Years Of Proven Wire & Cable Performance

Outstanding Wire & Cable Performance

It’s simply undeniable.

For decades, we have been offering one of the broadest, most widely used portfolios of wire and cable resins and compounds. Customers keep coming back, year after year.

Why? Because we offer the performance recognized among the industry’s best. Take a look at our product and service offering. And see for yourself what our Amazing Chemistry can do for you! 

Broad Range of HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, PP and Compound Technologies: Addressing Your Wire & Cable Application Needs with Tailored Characteristics

  • Very good processability and physical properties

  • Optimum electrical properties

  • High-performance foamability

  • Halogen-free alternatives

  • Serving Europe, the Americas and Asia 

Fiber Optic Cables: PP and PE Resins and Compounds Selected for Buffer Tubes and Jacketing

  • PP-based buffer tube compound with good processability and compatability with filling materials

  • Leading MDPE, LLDPE, HDPE jacketing products (Petrothene KR52828E and Petrothene LR52800E HDPE black and natural compounds)

Radio Frequency Coaxial Cables: PE Resins and Compounds Selected for Insulation and Jacketing

  • High-performance products selected for foamable insulation

  • Petrothene NA217080 and Petrothene M5370RF: high-performance LDPE and HDPE resins

Datacom/Category Cables: HDPE and PP Resins and Compounds

  • Aquathene FR409800: RoHS-compliant flame retardant compound for use in CMR cables

  • Pro-fax EP315J PP: good physical and electrical properties

Telephone Cables: HDPE Resins and Foamable Compounds

  • Petrothene LR686001: leading choice of customers for use in chemically foamed insulation 

  • Petrothene LR590001: exceptional processability and long-term performance properties

Power Cables: Broad range of PE Resins Selected for Dielectric Applications

  • Moisture-crosslinkable compounds selected for low-voltage power cables

    • RoHS-compliant, flame-retardant systemo 

    • UL and CSA industrial and residential cables

  • Monosil crosslinkable HDPEs providing increased abuse resistance

  • Clean LDPE resins selected for direct peroxide injection of medium voltage insulation

Thermoplastic PE and PP Resins and Compounds Selected for Jacketing

  • PP resin that meets high-temperature jacketing requirements

  • Petrothene KR52828E and Petrothene LR52800E HDPE black and natural compounds

Automotive Wiring: 125°C Class 3 Compounds

  • High-performance compounds serving the automotive industry for more than 30 years

  • Ongoing development of next-generation products


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