Lasting longer with Hostacom

PP Compounds used in the new Renault Espace

Thermoplastic Polyolefin materials have played a key role in the development of interior automotive components from a simple instrument panel fascia to a set of complex multi‑functional components in the car interior incorporating a number of different sub-systems. The lastest addition to this development are the instrument panel, center console and door panels of the new Renault Espace that was first launched at the 2014 Paris Motorshow and is commercially available in Europe since Spring 2015.


The Renault-Nissan Alliance selected LyondellBasell Hostacom grade TRC 411N for all three components for its excellent dimensional stability, impact behavior, heat and scratch resistance, as well as the ease of processing needed to mold these large, complex structures. The reduced odor and low VOC emissions of this grade, today required in all interior automotive applications, are an added advantage. Like all other PP Compound grades from LyondellBasell, Hostacom grade TRC 411N is produced locally in key automotive manufacturing regions according to the global quality standards of global OEMS such as the Renault-Nissan Alliance.