Hostalen HDPE Offers Environmental Benefits For Closures

Hostalen HDPE Environmental Benefits

Hostalen HDPE Benefits

LyondellBasell's innovative Hostalen ACP grades, produced at our Münchsmünster plant pictured above, provide customers with opportunities to reduce waste and decrease energy and resource consumption.

  • LyondellBasell trials of Hostalen ACP 5331H resin resulted in cycle time savings without moldfilling issues. By reducing melt temperatures to 20°C, a reduction in CO2 emissions and energy costs were achieved.

  • With the ESCR and stiffness/toughness balance requested by customers, Hostalen ACP 5331H offers downgauging potential that can reduce raw material requirements.

  • Due to the consistent quality of Hostalen resins, less scrap and waste is generated during production of end-use products.

  • The multimodal structure of Hostalen ACP 5331H provides the fluidity and process robustness required for a wider range of conversion technologies and complex closure designs.