Engineered Composites Markets


Our Quantum-ESC molding compounds are widely regarded and qualified for a variety of applications with key aircraft producers. Carbon fiber, fiberglass-reinforced Lytex (epoxy) and phenolic materials are specified for a variety of secondary and interior aircraft structures. 


Dura-BMC and Premi-SMC are global standards in the automotive and truck markets and are highlighted in high performance applications ranging from front-end reflectors, underbody shields, and under-the-hood components.


Building & Construction

The LyondellBasell Engineered Composites portfolio provides a variety of solutions for the building and construction industry when applications demand lightweight, corrosion resistant, flame resistant, and high-strength materials.


Dura-BMC fiberglass-reinforced composites are electrically insulative, flame retardant, and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recognized for circuit breakers, switchgear, and other flame retardant applications.


LyondellBasell offers proprietary thermoset product technologies within the Dura-BMC and Quantum-ESC product lines that can perform in high-temperature and high-pressure applications, allowing customers to achieve metal replacement. These product solutions are a material of choice in many Oil & Gas and energy storage applications.


Innovative Premi-SMC grades offer Halogen-free flame retardant properties while maintaining aesthetics, making them ideal for applications like body panels and hoods for heavy equipment. These grades are also available in bio-based alternatives.

Military & Defense

Robust lightweight solutions are realized using Premi-SMC and Quantum-ESC grades for military personnel, equipment cases, and transportation. Our entire portfolio of resin / reinforcement solutions provides optimum molded part design options and performance for any given requirement.