Engineered Composites Products

At LyondellBasell, we understand your need for weight reduction, parts consolidation, cost reduction, high-volume production, specialization and processing ease. We can help you meet those challenges efficiently and effectively – either by drawing on one of our proven, robust solutions or by customizing something from our broad portfolio to meet your unique needs.

Our Engineered Composites portfolio is comprised of three global product families:

  • Dura-BMC
  • Premi-SMC
  • Quantum-ESC

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» Styrene-Free Product Portfolio


Dura-BMC from LyondellBasell is a set of durable bulk molding compounds (BMC) designed for performance diversity and process flexibility. Outperforming traditional materials like steel and aluminum, Dura-BMC solutions demonstrate excellent dimensional stability, enhancing the lighting capabilities in the automotive sector. Additionally, this portfolio offers dielectric strength and fire retardancy for sensitive, high volume electrical applications along with corrosion resistance and conductive features to drive energy storage and the renewable power market forward.

The Dura-BMC portfolio is suitable for a variety of processing types, is available in bio-based or styrene-free versions and can be purchased in a variety of colors.

Key applications include:

  • Bipolar plates in energy storage applications
  • Electrical boxes and circuit breakers
  • Automotive forward lighting
  • Street lighting and other infrastructure applications
  • Throttle bodies for heavy truck and agriculture equipment

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Premi-SMC is a collection of premium sheet molding compounds (SMC) formulated for strength, longevity and aesthetics for any environmental condition. This portfolio is the right fit for applications that demand high strength and stiffness, such as battery enclosures, side body panels, and underbody shields enabling weight savings and greater performance for today’s electric vehicles. Premi-SMC offers improved mechanical performance making it ideal for heavy truck, agriculture and infrastructure applications where maintaining appearance in harsh weathering conditions is essential.

Premi-SMC, like Dura-BMC, is also available in bio-based or styrene-free versions while offering a variety of colors to meet our customers’ requirements.

Key applications include:

  • Electric vehicle battery enclosures
  • Class A body panels for vehicles and heavy equipment
  • HVAC housings and components
  • Tactile safety tiles and other infrastructure applications
  • Oil pans in heavy equipment

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In a class of its own, our proprietary Quantum Engineered Structural Composites (Quantum-ESC) is a series of unique materials with exceptional performance for the most demanding applications. This industry-renowned portfolio goes head-to-head with metal in the most challenging environments where high pressure and heat tolerance are required, driving energy recovery solutions to the forefront. The high strength-to-weight ratio enables the aerospace and automotive markets to meet groundbreaking efficiency targets for a full system solution.

Quantum-ESC addresses complex 3D geometry for the most intricate designs while achieving a lighter weight. When using carbon fiber, this material’s unique luxurious look and feel has global appeal.

Key applications include:

  • Personal protective equipment such as hockey helmets
  • Frac plug components in Oil & Gas markets
  • Snowboard bindings and other sporting equipment
  • Aircraft seating structures in general aviation
  • Vehicle underbody heat and impact shields

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