Engineered Composites Technical Data Sheets (TDS)


Our proprietary Quantum Engineered Structural Composites (Quantum-ESC) is a series of unique materials with exceptional performance for the most demanding applications. This industry renowned portfolio goes head-to-head with metal in the most challenging environments where high pressure and heat tolerance is required.

Below is a representation of our standard Quantum-ESC portfolio. Please contact our account representatives for further product information.

» Quantum Composites AMC 2593
» Quantum Composites AMC 8590
» Quantum Composites AMC 85590
» Quantum Composites AMC 8593 HT
» Quantum Composites Lytex 4149
» Quantum Composites Lytex 64690
» Quantum Composites Lytex 9063 BK-E
» Quantum Composites HTC 9510
» Quantum Composites QC 2150
» Quantum Composites QC 2550
» Quantum Composites QC 8560
» Quantum Composites QC 8700