Barrier Film

The increasing demand of fresh food packaging with a defined shelf time requires film with more sophisticated moisture and oxygen barrier properties. This trend is driving the need for tailored barrier levels, in addition to enhanced film process technologies and new film structures (mono-layer up to 9-layer).

As a leading supplier of resins used in film applications, our Moplen polypropylene, Alathon and Hostalen HDPE and Clyrell, Adflex, Adsyl, Softell and Plexar advanced polyolefins are the resins of choice for barrier film structures, such as vacuum-formed pouches for sliced cheese and food, vacuum-shrinked barrier bags for meat and sausage, high moisture barrier packaging for cereal, cookies and dry mixes and other multi-layer structures.

Legend: PSB: Product Stewardship Bulletin   TDS: Technical Data Sheet    SDS: Safety Data Sheet

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