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Mechanical Reliability Engineer

Engineering careers at LyondellBasell include a wide variety of opportunities for Chemical, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineers.

Exciting technical and management opportunities in research, marketing, sales and manufacturing are just a few of the possibilities. Our engineers embrace the principles of GoalZERO and Operational Excellence to optimize operating unit performance, lead project development and implementation, and identify and design solutions that directly improve plant safety, environmental and profitability performance. With roles that balance day-to-day tactical decision making with long-term strategic execution, engineers are an essential element of LyondellBasell's success.

The Global Engineering Services organization is focused on safety leadership and excellence in technology advancement, engineering design and high-level manufacturing support. Our technology experts work together globally to support business strategy, develop the most leveraging projects and initiatives, and provide expert process and discipline engineering while driving our facilities to best-in-class performance.

The Global Projects group serves all manufacturing locations and businesses and is responsible for developing and executing major capital projects on a global basis. Our projects are developed to meet business priorities through efficient use of the company's capital, executed to meet the requirements of our customers with focus on continuous improvement, and delivered through results-oriented planning and organizational leadership across multi-functional groups.

At LyondellBasell, we are striving to become the top performing company in our industry. Our leaders, employees and business partners are committed to achieving excellence in every aspect of our company: excellence from our assets, work process, and people align in an effort to help the company achieve its ideal state of performance. GoalZERO is an expectation for everything that we do from Zero injuries, Zero incidents, Zero non-compliance, Zero defects, to Zero mistakes. We aim to provide consistent products with the quality, reliability, availability, and flexibility which our businesses need to be successful and at the lowest appropriate cost.