Research and Development

Research and Development

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Worldwide, LyondellBasell continues to explore processes and technologies to improve manufacturing efficiencies, reduce costs and develop new processes and products.

Our Cincinnati Technology Center (CTC), a state-of-the-art research facility, focuses on the company's polymers, specialty polymers and research and development functions. We assist customers in developing the most efficient polymer materials for their applications and reducing manufacturing costs. We accomplish this by optimizing the operation of their polymer process equipment.

The Houston Technology Center (HTC) supports the company's Intermediates and Derivatives (I&D) Business with the goal of improving catalyst and process technologies to reduce manufacturing costs, improve yields and reduce capital requirements for new builds. The center also provides technical support to our manufacturing and business organizations.

In Europe we perform research and development activities for catalyst systems, process design and support, manufacturing platforms, product application and development and processing testing and characterization. Locations include sites in Ferrara, Italy and Frankfurt, Germany.