Bringing Easy Back to Seal-peel Packaging

Toppyl Resins Seal-peel Packaging

New Family of Toppyl Resins Based on Polybutene-1 Addresses Consumer Needs for Convenience and Functionality

Today's packaging must be practical, effective, safe and easy to open, without the need for a cutting instrument. That's why LyondellBasell developed Toppyl compounds based on polybutene-1 (PB-1).

Converters, packers and packaging designers rely on Toppyl resins to produce reliable, consistent and easy-to-open packaging systems for consumers. Compared to standard resins, Toppyl grades offer improved safety, convenience, reduced frustration and optimum packaging opening forces. Toppyl resins also reduce complexity for film converters by offering a simple, robust (controlled and consistent peel force) and ready-to-use solution for seal-peel applications.

 resins enable converters to employ a fully formulated product for the entire sealing layer, without the needfor blending with polyethylene. These compounds reduce the complexity for film converters by offering a simple and robust solution for seal-peel applications.

Property Comparison

Toppyl is a trademark owned or used by LyondellBasell family of companies and is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.