Energy-Efficient Hifax Resins

Reduce Energy Consumption with Hifax Resins

Still Cool After All These Years

Many of the commercial buildings constructed or renovated in the past 15 years feature roofing membranes produced with Hifax thermoplastic polyolefins (TPOs). Hifax TPOs help businesses reduce their energy consumption (cooling costs) – among the many reasons why they’ve become North America’s most popular single-ply roofing material.

Today, manufacturers, installers and building owners demand durability and 
sustainable performance. With more than 15 years of proven environmental benefits, reliability and energy savings, TPO membranes outperform traditional materials. Roofing membranes produced with Hifax TPOs offer numerous advantages:

  • White, sun-reflecting membranes help save energy costs and reduce environmental impact

  • Increased sunlight reflectivity reduces internal building temperatures

  • Easy to recycle during production and at end of life

  • Durable

  • Fast installation

  • Cost effective

Hifax resins used in roofing membranes are manufactured at LyondellBasell’s Catalloy process plants located in Lake Charles, Louisiana; Bayport, Texas; Moerdijk, the Netherlands, and Ferrara, Italy.

Catalloy and Hifax are trademarks owned or used by the LyondellBasell family of companies.  Hifax is registered in the U.S.Patent and Trademark Office.