Flexing Performance Muscle In Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging

New PE Grade Offers Exceptional Design, Processing and Mechanical Improvements.

There's a new player on the block that packs a punch. It's Luflexen hyPE 35P FA, a new polyethylene grade with the potential to offer an entirely new level of performance for flexible packaging.

Industrial and internal trials demonstrate the grade's smooth processability and a broad processing window, highly desirable attributes for flexible packaging. With outstanding stiffness and toughness, converters can downgauge films, enabling a reduction in raw material usage that offers environmental benefits. An added bonus: numerous design options. The grade is produced at LyondellBasell's Wesseling plant and is available in Europe. Contact us and discover how LyondellBasell's Amazing Chemistry can achieve amazing results for your next flexible packaging application!

Potential Customer Applications

  • Food packaging films

  • Consumer packaging films

  • Lamination films

  • Industrial packaging films

The Luflexen family of products features LyondellBasell's high-performance linear low and medium density polyethylene grades selected for a variety of processing technologies.


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