Battery Cases

LyondellBasell markets a range of polypropylene resins and compounds under the trademarks Moplen, Pro-fax and Hostacom, which are used by customers in starter, traction and stationary battery cases manufactured under different technologies including AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat).

These products can meet the demanding functional requirements of a variety of batteries, including forklift and emergency batteries. In addition, Moplen and Pro-fax polypropylene resins and Hostacom compounds deliver required mechanical properties including good dimensional and heat stability, high impact resistance, and good weldability. Grades can be formulated to address specific requirements such as extended heat stabilization resistance and enhanced stress whitening resistance.

LyondellBasell production plants that manufacture PP grades used in automotive applications meet ISO TS 16949 standards.

Legend: PSB: Product Stewardship Bulletin   TDS: Technical Data Sheet    SDS: Safety Data Sheet

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