Polyethylene (PE) Technologies

LyondellBasell provides an unmatched range of PE process technologies, unique amongst PE licensors offering technologies for the production of Low Density PE (LDPE) and High Density PE (HDPE) polyethylene.

LyondellBasell heritage as a pioneer and innovator in high pressure and low pressure technology platforms gives both unique breadth and depth of licensing technology expertise, with recent technology innovations focusing on scale up, process efficiency and product slate expansion.

LyondellBasell’s High-Pressure Tubular and High Pressure Autoclave process technology, under Lupotech trademark, are today's market leaders with more than 100 licenses sold worldwide. Lupotech T provides highly reliable world scale capacities (>450kt) combining  low operating cost with low investment cost. Lupotech A provides specialty products using our new process technology platform developed through synergies with Lupotech T.

Low-pressure polyethylene technology, under the Hostalen trademark, provide dedicated solutions for different polyethylene markets. The Hostalen ACP process produces HDPE products with enhanced properties for high-performance multimodal HDPE material.

Lupotech Processes - LDPE and EVA

Lupotech is the market leader on high-pressure technology. Lupotech T, with its high conversion rates and effective heat recovery system, offers the lowest operating and investment costs. Lupotech A combines the strengths of Lupotech T with an autoclave vessel to provide EVA – copolymers with up to 40% VA content and specific LDPE grades for premium market applications.

Hostalen Process - High Performance HDPE

Hostalen ACP process technology manufactures high-performance, multimodal HDPE resins with an industry-leading stiffness/toughness balance, impact resistance, high stress cracking resistance and processing advantages used in film, blow molding and pipe applications.

Lupotech and Hostalen are trademarks owned or used by LyondellBasell group companies.