Technology Services

Applying our expertise to help you excel – throughout the life of an investment.

As one of the world's premier plastics, chemicals, and refining companies, LyondellBasell recognizes the importance of ensuring that assets are run to their maximum potential.

LyondellBasell's Technology Services team is dedicated to helping you get the most from your investment in our technology. We apply the breadth and depth of our expertise to help you to achieve operational excellence.

By leveraging the dedicated technology and operational resources within the Technology Services organization, along with LyondellBasell's impressive global expertise network in manufacturing, R&D, process design, safety, engineering and product applications, our Technology Services has the right expertise to respond to your specific needs.

As our industry continues to develop, maintaining merely status quo in asset performance is not an option. Our position as a leading licensor, with a commitment to innovation and long-term technical support relationships with a very large number of customers, enables LyondellBasell Technology Services to provide continuous technology improvements to our customers.

We aim to create mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

LyondellBasell can provide the following expert services to its licensees: 

Pre-Start up Training

Training in operations, quality control, maintenance, product applications and safety, delivered on-site by experts in the field with access to operating plants.

Start-up Support and Guarantee Test Runs

From pre-start up safety reviews through commissioning, start up and performance tests, our team of experienced operators and engineers assists you to accomplish a smooth start-up and stable operation.

Technical Support After Start-up

To help you run your asset to its full potential, our dedicated technology services team, combined with our global network of experts, will provide superior technical support and advice on every aspect of process and product technology, manufacturing operations, and performance optimization and benchmarking.

Engineering Services

We welcome requests to provide process design and engineering services – for example, to conduct expansion feasibility studies or to deliver customized engineering design packages for debottlenecking.