Polypropylene (PP) Technologies

Nine of the top 10 worldwide producers place their trust in LyondellBasell licensed PP technologies. 

With more than 150 licensed lines around the globe and 40 years of continuous innovation, LyondellBasell is a leading pioneer in the development of polypropylene.

The combination of outstanding reliability and safety along with leading operating costs and benchmark products ensures the best value proposition to our customers.

Our expertise as the largest PP producer and marketer with our own R&D, production, maintenance, product development, and marketing capabilities is leveraged through the Licensing, Catalyst and Technology Services organizations.

Spherizone Process - High Performance PP

The breakthrough Spherizone multi-zone circulating reactor provides a unique and innovative platform with flexible operating conditions to manufacture added-value polypropylene with novel architecture and enhanced properties.

Spheripol Process – Polypropylene

LyondellBasell's leading polypropylene technology, Spheripol, combines outstanding reliability and safety with leading operating and investment costs to provide advantaged economics to customers.

Metocene Technology - Advanced PP Properties  

LyondellBasell's unique Metocene PP technology significantly extends the performance envelope of PP by using single-site catalysts. The technology enables very advanced tailoring of product properties to address specific application needs.

Spherizone, Spheripol and Metocene are trademarks owned or used by LyondellBasell group companies.

We offer research, development and quality improvement of technology pertaining to new chemical processes in connection with production of polyolefins.